About This Site and Stuart

Why This Site?

For my kids stories, I am using StuartStories.com.  

It's humbling how many parents, schools and organizations – from all over the world – have used that site over the years.  

But StuartStories.com is 100% kid-friendly and my grown-up fiction is often dark,  philosophically & religiously challenging … and riddled with swear words.

For years I was using Writing.com for those stories, but that site seems to control access so tightly that it's hard to get readers from outside its walls. I am sure they will profess otherwise and say a little effort on my part would build doors into their walls. But Marketing is what I do for my career, so I do not want to have to do it for my hobby, as well.  Which leads to… 

About Me and My Writing Philosphy

I am a husband and a father.  I have three children and a dog.  I also own a marketing firm and do operational consulting, where I make enough money to offset my desire to write for fun*.

While I have been published a couple of times, it was more by luck (and persistence on the publishers' part) than from any effort on my side.  

*Fun?  Is writing actually fun?  It feels more like an addiction than a passion, to be honest. And I get increasingly unhappy when I am not writing … an unhappiness that only writing can keep at bay.  

Dorothy Parker said it best.  "I don't like writing, but I like having written."  

While I Have You

Feel free to comment, especially upon the more experimental stories.  I  am curious if they work.

Please send your comments and thoughts to Stuart@StuartStories.com.