The Stories

All The Truth In The World

The truth hurts.  But if you are the truth teller, then it kills.  

What if you could know everything?  Everything in the world?  

Here's a new story that explores the 'magic' behind this ability.

Read the short story here.

Sea Change, An Apocalypse

At 3:32am Central time, there was a pulse. And suddenly, everyone on the earth began to change. Some people tried to run from it and, pulse, more change.

What's happening and how will it all end? Not for the weak of heart.

Read the novella here.

Only The Second Time

There's something about writing time travel stories that make the writers go crazy and, occasionally, kill themselves. This is true … you can look it up.   

Writing this story made me understand why.

This is my attempt to 'solve' the time travel paradox. And to give a not-so-subtle literary eye-roll to Schrödinger and his cat.

Read this to your future self.

Hiding Sunflowers for the Future

Yes, another time travel story. 

A man travels back in time to secure medicine to save what's left of the human race. It's a straight-forward enough mission … except for a moral dilemma.

Read it here.  Unless you already did. 

Alvin’s Second Death Duel. (Red Magic, Chapter One.)

This is the first chapter of a novel I am (slowly, unsurely) polishing off.  I'm not sure it works alone, now that I read it again, but I am curious to see what people out there think.  

Up-and-coming wizards battle to the death with the only prizes being the loser's body and being one step (of eight) closer to being 'made.'

Read the chapter here.

The One For Me

The world is a big place.  With all the possible partners out there, how do you know you really found the perfect "one for you?"

What if you could ask a gypsy this question? And what if the gypsy's answer were someone other than your current partner?

This was one of my earlier fables and I wonder if it still holds up. (An alternate version was published in an actual fiction magazine a few year's ago.)

Read the story here.