Rules and FAQ

The Rules

  1. Read at your own risk. This is original fiction and you paid nothing for it.
  2. Do not publish any portions of this site anywhere without my permission.  If you Google me, you can see I am very generous with my content, but, also, I know some amazing lawyers. Many who owe me favors.
  3. Links are welcome. And, if you provide a link, you can use 100 words without asking permission. 
  4. Copies are not permitted.  


Q: Can I donate to help you keep this site current?

A: Please don't!  But I run a charity called Holiday Heroes, which delivers parties to kids in long-term care.  You can donate all you want there and it will help far more people than any amount of money used for this site.

Q: Where did you get the cool Underwood typewriter pics?

A: Thanks for asking! I took one of the typewriters in my accidental collection out on the deck and shot it. 

Q: Do you write on an old-time typewriter? "Accidental" collection? And are you one of those steam punk people?

A: In order… 1) Hell, no. 2) I bought one as a gift and then was gifted (or goaded to buy) others. 3) Wish I were.  They're pretty cool people.

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